Treatment of Wastewater from Nictric Acid Production (first)

Apr 2019
Treatment of Wastewater from Nictric Acid Production (first)
The nictric acid is an organic acid, which is mainly used in food industry, medicine, chemical industry and so on. Generally, starch is the main source of nictric acid. The nictric acid production will produce a large amount of wastewater. This paper mainly introduces two methods to treat citric acid wastewater, which are biological method and photosynthetic bacteria method.

Biological method

The common treatment methods for nictric acid production wastewater are biological methods, which are divided into anaerobic and aerobic biological methods.

The main method of treating nictric acid production wastewater abroad is upflow anaerobic sludge bed. The advantages of this method are good treatment effect, simple operation and less excess sludge.

Aerobic biological method is mainly activated sludge method, which uses aerobic microorganisms to decompose organic wastewater, and this aerobic microorganism is called activated sludge. Activated sludge has a large proportion of microorganisms, in which bacteria play a purification role in the decomposition process, mainly by degrading the degradable components of organic wastewater, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying wastewater.

Photosynthetic bacteria method

Photosynthetic bacteria belong to a kind of microorganism and are distributed in different waters. Usually, photosynthesis produces oxygen, and the bacteria can synthesize nutrients to meet their own needs under photosynthesis, and do not produce oxygen during photosynthesis. Photosynthetic bacteria play an important role in water, and play an important role in the cycle of carbon, sulfur and other substances. Photosynthetic bacteria also contain antiviral substances, so they are often added to the food of cultured animals to improve their disease resistance. The steps of wastewater treatment by photosynthetic bacteria are relatively simple, and this method can achieve good results. It will not cause secondary pollution to the water body. The treated water does not contain toxic substances. Therefore, the treated water can play a role. From the economic point of view, the cost of wastewater treatment by this method is low and easy to manage.

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