Solutions for Water Treatment of Fruit Juice

May 2019
Solutions for Water Treatment of Fruit Juice

1. Introduction of ultrafiltration equipment for water treatment of fruit juice

Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of membrane filtration between microfiltration and Nanofiltration, which is suitable for material separation, concentration and purification. In practical applications, it is generally characterized by molecular weight interception, as long as it is used to separate macromolecules, colloids and particles from solvents and other small molecular substances.

Macromolecules, colloids and particulates are intercepted on the surface of the membrane, and concentrated liquid is formed by circulating material flow, so as to achieve the purpose of material separation, concentration and purification. Ultrafiltration devices are mainly used in food, beverage, biomedicine, fine chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, etc.

2. Characteristics of ultrafiltration equipment for water treatment of fruit juice

Ultrafiltration membrane technology: In China, the application of Ultrafiltration technology in fruit juice clarification process has played a leading role. The newly pressed juice contains pectin, pulp debris, starch, protein, solid suspension, microbial metabolism and other substances which cause the juice to be turbid.

Ultrafiltration is used to clarify the juice, which can make the small molecules such as sugar, organic acid and water permeate through the membrane, and intercept most of the macromolecular substances to obtain clarified and sterile juice. Ultrafiltration process does not need filter aids. The process is short and the labor cost is low. It is an economical and effective method for clarifying fruit juice.

Enzyme preparations produced in industry usually need to be separated and purified. There are many disadvantages in traditional methods such as vacuum evaporation and solvent extraction.

Ultrafiltration technology is now used to separate and concentrate enzymes, which can be operated at room temperature to overcome the influence of heat on the quality of fermentation products. Removal of small molecular impurities ensures the purity and quality of the filtrate. There is no phase change in the filtration process, and the energy consumption and cost are lower than those of traditional methods. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to operate and control, so it quickly becomes the first choice of separation and concentration process in biopharmaceutical industry.

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