Membrane Separation Technology for the Treatment of Seasonings Such As Soy Sauce and Vinegar

Jun 2019
Membrane Separation Technology for the Treatment of Seasonings Such As Soy Sauce and Vinegar
The main function of the condiment is to improve the quality of the dishes and to satisfy the sensory needs of the consumers, thereby stimulating appetite and improving human health. In a broad sense, seasonings include salting agents, sour agents, sweeteners, savouring agents, and flavoring agents. Salt, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sugar, star anise, fennel, pepper, mustard, etc. are all such condiments.

The ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system can directly process the raw liquid produced by seasonings such as soy sauce and vinegar, replacing the traditional multi-step filtration process. The ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system has high filtration precision, high filtrate quality and no return. After filtration, no high temperature sterilization is required, and the natural flavor of the product is retained. The equipment can be sealed and the sanitary modules are used for the membrane modules and pipe valves to meet the requirements of clean production. The equipment is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. The equipment has strong chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, no dissolution, and meets food safety requirements.

Technical advantages of ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system:

1) Ceramic membrane separation and clarification technology improves the clarity of the seasoning and is not easy to backmix;

2) It does not need to add other media (such as diatomaceous earth), and the filtration method is more environmentally friendly and economical;

3) It preferably retains the active ingredients and original flavor in the seasoning;

4) The microorganisms can be completely intercepted to meet the corporate standards. It does not need to be sterilized again, ensuring flavor and saving energy;

5) The ceramic membrane has good regenerability and can achieve CIP cleaning.

As a first-class membrane separation equipment research and development manufacturer, Jiuwu uses membrane separation equipment in the field of separation and purification. The cycle of production methods effectively helps customers improve production efficiency and achieve cleaner production.
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