Membrane Separation Technology for Filtering Raw Soy Sauce Applications

Jun 2019
Membrane Separation Technology for Filtering Raw Soy Sauce Applications
Due to the process reasons, the raw soy sauce brewed by the natural drying fermentation process has low clarity and precipitation problems. In particular, the secondary precipitation of the finished soy sauce during the shelf life affects the appearance of the soy sauce. Macromolecular proteins are the main cause of secondary precipitation of soy sauce.

Traditional soy sauce sterilization is mainly by heating. The protein and reducing sugar in the soy sauce are prone to precipitation after being heated at a higher temperature, and have an effect on the mouthfeel, causing damage to the flavor of the soy sauce.

Soy sauce ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology:
The ultrafiltration membrane has a pore size of 0.01 to 0.1 UM. The molecular weight of proteins that are prone to precipitation in soy sauce is tens of thousands or more, and macromolecular proteins can be completely removed by the retention of ultrafiltration membranes.

The soy sauce is directly filtered using advanced ultrafiltration membrane separation technology. While removing all kinds of microorganisms, the particles of the macromolecules and the colloidal particles are removed, so that the color of the soy sauce is bright, the body is clear, the flavor is more delicious, the deposit is not stored for a long time, and the quality is remarkably improved.

Soy sauce ultrafiltration membrane filtration process:
Raw soy sauce→Ultrafiltration system→Sterilization (optional non-sterile)→Filling

Technical advantages of soy sauce ultrafiltration membrane filtration:
1. It is molecular-level filtration, which can remove precipitates without precipitation and bacterial over-standard problems.

2. The color is translucent, which extends the shelf life of the soy sauce.

3. The sterilization effect is good and can reach below 100/ml.

4. It can be run at room temperature without changing the original flavor of soy sauce.

5. The equipment is made of hygienic materials and is QS certified.
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