Membrane Separation Technology Applied in Desalting of Brackish Water

Jul 2019
Membrane Separation Technology Applied in Desalting of Brackish Water
The problem of severe water shortage in the western provinces of China is particularly prominent in China that is a water-deficient country. Brackish water desalination is an effective way to solve the water shortage in the western provinces of China.

At present, membrane technology for brackish water desalination mainly includes: electrodialysis technology, reverse osmosis technology, and nanofiltration technology. Almost all of the western oil fields in China use electrodialysis to produce drinking water. Electrodialysis does not remove organic matter and bacteria from the water, and the equipment consumes a lot of energy, which limits its application in brackish water desalination projects. The drinking water can be obtained through the desalting purification of brackish water by first-stage reverse osmosis unit. The reverse osmosis system dilutes the brackish water, and its effluent quality is superior to the drinking water hygiene standard in China. For the brackish water containing high fluorine and low salinity, the water quality can reach the sanitary standard of drinking water in China through reverse osmosis desalination.

Brackish water desalting
The reverse osmosis method has lower production cost and no pollution than the electrolysis method. It is the most economical way to dilute brackish water. Nanofiltration is a low pressure reverse osmosis technology with high desalting purification performance at lower pressures. It has a good desalting purification effect on the specific solute, especially the characteristic ion of brackish water. For the western provinces with more brackish water, nanofiltration will be an effective way to produce high quality drinking water.

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