Juice Concentration Separation Solution

Jun 2019
Juice Concentration Separation Solution
As people's quality of life improves and consumption levels increase, the demand for water for juices is also increasing. The separation and concentration technology is mainly to improve the processing of juice, and can effectively overcome the problem of odor generated in the traditional process.

The concentration separation equipment uses a membrane concentration separation technique. Because it does not pollute the environment and save manpower and material resources, it is widely used in juices, protein products, antibiotics, Chinese medicine, dairy products, sewage treatment and so on.

Concentrated separation equipment features:
1. Separation and concentration at normal temperature and low pressure. Therefore, the energy consumption is low, so that the operating cost of the equipment is low.

2. The equipment is small in size and simple in structure, so the investment cost is low.

3. The membrane separation process is simply a pressurized delivery of liquid. The process is simple and easy to operate and manage.

4. The membrane as a filter medium is a uniform continuum made of polymer material, which is purely physically filtered, and the substance does not undergo qualitative changes during the separation process (ie, it does not affect the molecular structure of the material).

The juice is concentrated to remove impurities in the juice extract, such as precipitates in apple juice and poorly soluble particles. These are water quality problems.
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