How Does Membrane Separation Technology Remove Bacteria from Soy Sauce?

Jul 2019
How Does Membrane Separation Technology Remove Bacteria from Soy Sauce?
Soy sauce has become one of the most popular condiments in people's daily diets. The soy sauce of traditional brewing process in our country is incomparable in the color, aroma and taste of soy sauce produced in some developed countries. However, most of the brewing process is exposed to natural spaces, accompanied by the growth and reproduction of multiple microorganisms. So, how can we effectively remove bacteria from soy sauce? Here is a description of membrane separation technology.

In general, the solid content and viscosity of soy sauce are high, and it is very important to pretreat. Hollow fiber components should not be used. In this way, the processing flow is simplified, the production cost is reduced, and relatively considerable economic benefits are brought about. After the soy sauce is filtered, the color is improved, the soy sauce is clear and transparent, and the value is high. The retention rates of salt-free solids, reducing sugars, and pigments are all around 98%, and are in line with national product standards.

Process advantages of membrane separation systems:
1. It has a simplified process flow and reduces operating costs.
2. It is automatically controlled, reliable in operation and balanced in product quality.
3. It has a long service life. The equipment has low comprehensive cost and high cost performance.
4. It has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, good anti-pollution performance and high separation precision.
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