Main Process of Membrane Separation Treatment Method

Mar 2019
Main Process of Membrane Separation Treatment Method
In the membrane treatment method, the relevant process flow and links are also important components. Here are a few of the main membrane separation technology:

1.The gas separation method

A basic operating principle of the gas separation process in the application process is to classify the intrinsic components of the organic exhaust gas and then apply a certain degree of pressure. Since the internal components of the organic exhaust gas have different densities, the speed will be different when passing through the film, and the film can pass the order of the intrinsic substances to achieve the ultimate goal of layer-by-layer separation. At present, in many industries, when separating organic waste gas, if the gas contains a high concentration of nitrogen, the gas separation method can be used to reasonably decompose the organic waste gas. In addition, many engineering companies and gas stations currently use gas separation methods in practical applications. The decomposition rate of organic waste gas can reach 99%, and has received good practical results.

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2. The steam separation method

The steam separation method is a relatively traditional process in the membrane separation process. It appeared as early as the 1980s. From a certain level, the steam separation method is also a gas phase separation. The steam separation method mainly utilizes a certain permeation principle in a specific application, and relies on a membrane for decomposition, but the vapor separation method is more efficient and resource-saving than the permeation separation method. The steam separation method does not apply a high temperature system in a specific application, so that no phase change occurs, and the organic waste gas decomposed and recovered can be reused.

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3. Absorption separation method

When the organic waste gas is separated by the membrane treatment method, it is inevitable that the gas is in contact with the liquid or the two different liquids are in contact. This kind of situation usually occurs with emulsification, and when it is serious, the corresponding leakage will occur. The absorption separation method mainly refers to the use of a film to effectively separate the two substances to be contacted, so as to move around the film, so that emulsification and other undesirable phenomena can be effectively avoided. The absorption separation method is based on the membrane treatment method, and a suitable absorbent is also used to enhance the absorption effect. This method requires only low pressure operation in pressure selection. It is relatively stable and can effectively reduce energy consumption.

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