Membrane Separation Technology Plays An Important Role In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Jan 2019
Membrane Separation Technology Plays An Important Role In The Pharmaceutical Industry
Separation technology is an indispensable technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Among them, membrane separation technology is extremely important. The international academic community agrees that "whoever masters membrane technology will master the future of chemical industry." It can be seen that the development of membrane separation technology has important and far-reaching significance for the development of China.

It is understood that membrane separation technology has the functions of separation, concentration, purification and refining, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, molecular filtration and simple filtration process, and easy control. Therefore, it has been widely used in food, medicine, biology, environmental protection, chemical, metallurgy, energy, petroleum, water treatment, electronics, bionics and other fields, resulting in huge economic and social benefits. Membrane separation technology has become one of the most important tools in today's separation science.


In recent decades, some advanced countries in foreign countries have always regarded membrane separation technology as a high-tech, invested a lot of money and energy in research, and made great progress. After the new century, China's membrane separation technology has also begun to receive great attention from the world, and its application range is expanding.

At present, the world membrane market is growing at an annual rate of 14 to 30%. It not only has its own production value of about 10 billion US dollars per year, but also effectively promotes the development of society, economy and science and technology. In particular, its application is closely related to energy conservation, environmental protection and the regeneration of water resources. Therefore, in the current world's energy shortage, water shortage and environmental pollution, membrane separation technology has received universal attention from all countries in the world. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have invested heavily in special projects for development research and have achieved a leading position in this field.

Pharmaceutical Industry

According to reports, membrane technology is widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of biological preparation and pharmaceutical production. Such as the separation of blood preparation, the purification of antibiotics and interferons, the classification and purification of proteins, the sterilization and clarification of Chinese herbal medicines. The international advanced pharmaceutical production line uses a large number of membrane separation technologies to replace the traditional separation, concentration and purification processes.

In the past 10 years, the overall level of China's membrane technology has made great progress, but the gap with internationally advanced countries is still very large. The main problems are: modernization of production, low degree of industrialization, non-standard raw materials, uncontrolled control of process parameters, unstable product quality, less variety of membranes, and small application range. In particular, the applied process design, system complete set capability, membrane module level, and related mechanical and electrical products have not yet reached the international advanced level, far from meeting the domestic market demand. There is a great room for development in membrane technology.


In order to promote the rapid development of China's membrane technology, and shorten the gap between China's membrane technology research and foreign advanced level as soon as possible, JIUWU HI-TECH has introduced the technology design by using investment, introducing technology, digesting and absorbing, and making it reach the international advanced level.
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