Advantages and Introduction of Ceramic Membrane Engineering Equipment

Mar 2019
Advantages and Introduction of Ceramic Membrane Engineering Equipment
The filtration precision of ceramic membrane engineering equipment covers the microfiltration and ultrafiltration levels. The membrane module is a pressure-resistant casing equipped with a ceramic membrane element, and the centralized filling of ceramic membrane elements with different outer diameters and different areas can be realized by different membrane module housings according to industrial production requirements. The film area of a single membrane module varies from 0.02 m2 to 22 m2. The shape design and sealing design of the membrane module are essential for the operation of the ceramic membrane filtration system.

ceramic membrane

Ceramic membranes based on inorganic materials science have some advantages over those of plate, centrifuge, diatomaceous earth and polymer membranes:

1. The ceramic membrane has excellent chemical stability and can resist acid, alkali and oxidation.
2. The ceramic membrane is resistant to organic solvents and is resistant to high temperatures;
3. The ceramic membrane has high mechanical strength and good wear resistance;
4. The ceramic membrane has a long service life and a large processing capacity;
5. The ceramic membrane has a narrow pore size distribution, high separation precision, wide coverage of filtration precision, and can be filtered from micron to nanometer according to requirements;
6. The ceramic membrane is easy to clean, can be disinfected online or high temperature, and can be washed back.

ceramic membrane

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