Advantages of Ultrafiltration Technology in Dairy Industry

Jun 2019
Advantages of Ultrafiltration Technology in Dairy Industry
With the development of China's economy, people's life has been greatly improved, and the pursuit of self-nutrition has great requirements. Although China's dairy industry started late, but the development is very rapid. China's dairy industry is facing a change in growth mode, so dairy products must be developed with high quality. Therefore, we have adopted a new membrane filtration of milk technology to solve various problems.

Ultrafiltration technology in membrane separation system is suitable for dairy industry. At present, Ultrafiltration is mainly applied to concentrate raw milk, skim milk, whey preparatory concentrate, fresh milk refining, protein and the recovery of lactose, fat and protein from whey waste liquor of cheese production. It has the characteristics of saving energy, reducing protein denaturation, improving product quality and producing many kinds of ingredients from dairy products. It has obvious advantages over traditional production methods and is incomparable with traditional processing technology.

Low molecular weight water, salt and lactose can be separated from whey by ultrafiltration, which improves the ratio of protein, lactose and salt in concentrate. The advantage of ultrafiltration technology in dairy industry is that it can save 80% of the original chymosin and CaCl2 additives by eliminating the equipment for processing whey and the intermediate process of cheese conversion, thus increasing the yield. Moreover, the taste and texture of the products will be changed by ultrafiltration technology.
Ultrafiltration can improve the protein content in the product, and the quality of whey powder has been fundamentally improved.

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