Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Membrane

Jan 2019
Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Membrane

Advantages of ceramic membrane:

1. The most basic advantage of ceramic membrane technology is its thermal stability, which can be used for a long time at high temperatures. This advantage is particularly suitable for high feed temperatures or the desire to reduce the viscosity of the feed by high temperature, which in turn greatly increases the filtration throughput of the membrane. Accordingly, devices made of ceramic membranes have been put to practical use in the sterilization (or removal of harmful components) and steam cleaning in the fields of food dairy products, beverages and production. In principle, according to the chemical composition and chemical properties of the membrane and the stability of other components, many ceramic membrane devices can work in high temperature environments above 1000 °C. JIUWU HI-TECH is working on the application of ceramic membranes in high temperature gas-solid separation. The ceramic membrane is widely used in gas emission and waste heat recycling in electric power, steel, metallurgy, cement and other industries.

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2. The second advantage of the ceramic membrane is its structure. Typically, the construction of the ceramic membrane module is tubular or integral to the porous passage member, with flow passage diameters ranging from 0.060 to 0.250 feet. Compared with organic membranes, this structure is less prone to membrane clogging and is very easy to clean. Therefore, the ceramic membrane system can obtain a higher concentration ratio when concentrated or concentrated. The second is that the flow rate is slowed down, and even when blockage is serious, a satisfactory flow rate value can be obtained. Third, the ceramic membrane cleaning operation is simple, the time required is short, the cost is low, and the accumulation in the membrane module is small. This advantage is particularly suitable for the food and manufacturing industries.
3. A third advantage of the inorganic ceramic membrane is its long service life. In many applications, ceramic membranes exhibit a very long service life, ranging from 3 to 5 years, and the replacement cost of inorganic membranes can be greatly reduced compared to competitive organic membranes.
4. Another outstanding feature of ceramic membranes is that they can withstand various media erosions for long periods of time. This ability makes them suitable for hydrocarbons and various solvents, and includes high temperature environments associated therewith.
5. A commendable advantage of ceramic microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes is their chemical stability. This advantage is especially important for materials with extreme pH values, especially alkaline materials. It is stably subjected to the cleaning of a thermal hydroxide (alkali) or acid.

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Disadvantages of ceramic membrane:

At present, the biggest disadvantage of ceramic membrane products is that the price is too high, and the general price is several times or even higher than that of organic membranes. However, the porous channel monomer membrane module currently available in the commercial industry has a lower cost than a single tubular membrane module. The reasons are as follows:
1. Increase the surface area of each membrane per unit volume;
2. Reduce the labor cost of coating the surface membrane layer of each carrier;
3. The membrane module structure is simplified while reducing the mechanical costs associated with it. Therefore, the porous channel monomer membrane member can obtain a larger filtration surface area, which makes the membrane member cost a large step toward the polymer membrane.
The second major drawback of ceramic membranes is brittleness. In particular, a single tubular membrane and a porous membrane member having a small pore size.

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As the world's largest ceramic membrane supplier, JIUWU HI-TECH is committed to maximizing the potential of ceramic membranes and overcoming its shortcomings, making it more widely used in all walks of life. JIUWU HI-TECH contributes to the world's environmental protection cause!
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